A poem for my body & my sisters


Gather round

Let me tell how my soft layers

taught me warmth.

How I learnt gentleness from:

Fat rolls protecting delicate bones.

Rounded bellies drooping down

like cascading vines

leading to the warmest place.

Fleshy thighs a headrest.

Come let me tell you

How I softened

because I witnessed my

body softening.

Why I wrote this poem:

This started out as a celebration of my belly fat. Specifically. Look up belly fat on google and the first few pages all talk about “how to get rid of it.” I’ve never been without a rounded belly. I’ve never lived in a world without women with rounded bellies so it occurred to me a few years ago that rather than keep obsessing over flattening mine, I could just learn how to peacefully co-exist with it. It’s a wonderful thing how mindset can be half the battle because once I made up my mind to be okay with the fat on my belly, I was able to take a honest look at how much I did enjoy the roundness of that part of my body.

However I did not see much about this sentiment mirrored back to me online.

So I chose to write a poem. One that took apart the things I saw and loved about the way my belly and thighs curve.


If you like this, listen to a podcast episode where i also spoke about round bellies and soft thighs.

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