cultivating self love as a practice


Someone asked me recently how I cultivate self love and self compassion, here are a few things I shared about my personal practice:

  1. Seeing myself as someone deserving of tenderness and gentleness
  2. Being honest with myself about how berating myself isn’t a productive way to bring about growth and change. All things need light, patience, and kindness to bloom, including us humans.
  3. Going back in time and writing letters to younger versions of myself. I realized that in retrospect I was actually really proud of those versions of myself even though at those times all I could focus on were the things I didn’t like about myself. I never want to look back in 30’s and feel bad about how I treated myself in my 20’s.
  4. I wanted to become a safe person for myself, someone I could trust with all the extremes of my emotional depth

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