What I will tell my future daughter about Love


Baby, when two souls actually connect? It’s a magical thing.

Souls connect for a variety of different reasons, with a variety of different intentions, and varying intensities. But a moment of connection is always something to be grateful for. If you live in a world that mirrors mine, your reality is that you may often feel isolated and othered, but a moment of connection will serve as tangible proof that you are seen, that you matter, that you are less alone. So I hope you never take moments of connection for granted. Whether those connections last a moment, a lifetime, or fizzle shortly after.

The connection is the God-part, the unraveling and decoding of the connection is the you part. 

Remember when I said souls connect for a variety of different reasons and with different intentions?

Some connections can be trauma bonds, some can be there to remind you of parts of yourself you miss, and some are there to journey with you. This is your work to unpack.

And baby, this requires bravery.

This requires a strong foundation of self assuredness, to know that no matter what comes from this unpacking, you will be okay because you have yourself.

Baby, I don’t know much about romantic love at this point in my life. But I do know love well. I know heartbreak well. I know the art of nurturing connections, of interrogating connections. I know the joy of seeing a thing bloom from a shy “hello” to  a million inside jokes. I also know the pain of going from a million inside jokes to “someone I used to know.”

What I do know for sure at this point is that love requires a continual investment in connection. It is in the unpacking of these connections that you will be led to love. But this part is not for the faint of heart, and you don’t have to take this on until you are ready. Even when you are ready, you don’t have to risk your heart for every connection, only those ones which feel safe enough to make you want to put your heart on the line.

Be grateful for the connections but prioritize the softness of your heart baby girl. 

You are loved, you are love herself, and you will always be loved.

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